Entry #1

The Postal Saga Begins

2010-04-24 16:28:13 by smi1ey

I doubt anyone will read this, but who knows... perhaps if my songs catch on and I become a famous digital composer in the future, I'll be able to look back upon this news post and smile.

I started submitting songs to the audio portal a few months ago. Admittedly, the first couple weren't that great, but I feel like my style and skills are evolving with each new song I post. Posting. Postal.

The Postal Service.

The two digital visionaries that composed and sang the songs for The Postal Service are a constant inspiration for my work. It has been many years since their one and only album has been released, and I am impatient. I've done vocal work and singing for many years, and have decided to write, compose, and sing in my own songs that give tribute to the style of The Postal Service.

Am I copying them? Absolutely not. My songs have their own style and mood. But I love the easy electronic ambiance and "persistent beats" that makes up Postal Service, and I want to provide something to those who feel the same way.

I just released the first instrumental song, "Metro City", today, and will be adding lyrics to it soon. I hope you enjoy the new tunes. All feedback is welcome!


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